Katoomba on the radar

It is with great pleasure to announce that IT professional Daniel has commenced blogging.

Logo © 2013 Daniel Warren

Dan is an FM radio enthusiast blogging from Katoomba.

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Dan’s radio blog can be found here.

His website can be found here.

Blackpool finally on the radar

It is with great pleasure to announce that British TV/FM enthusiast & audiophile Pe1er has commenced blogging. Pe1er has been involved in the hobby since the 1970s.

The UK Sporadic E season is currently in full swing so this is an opportune time to catch up on the fun.

Take me there!

Be sure to check out G1VVP’s blog for some more radio activity, including behind-the-scenes discussions. Both are UK enthusiasts from SkywavesDX.

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Surfing the roads at Alex Headland

And remember, the foam police are out in force everywhere…

ET:  ‘foam home’…


Radio Maroon: guaranteed biased rugby league coverage

Frequencies for tuning in on Wednesday night, June 13, 2012:


3KND 1503 kHz in Melbourne

Western Australia

Noongar Radio 100.9 MHz in Perth


4US 100.7 MHz in Rockhampton

4AAA Murri Country 98.9 MHz in Brisbane

4K1G 107.1 MHz in Townsville

MY105 105.9 MHz in Mackay

4UM 94.1 MHz Cherbourg

MOB FM 100.9 MHz in Mount Isa

BBM 98.7 MHz in Cairns

Northern Territory

Radio Larakia 94.5 MHz in Darwin

TEABBA FM Network (Top End Bush Broadcasting)
20 watts per site utilizing multiple frequencies

Information courtesy of News Limited, Radio Maroon’s official sponsor

Recording peculiarity

To record clips when mobile, this blogger uses a Creative Zen V Plus or Samsung Yepp recorder. The devices encode recordings in 160 kbps WMA and 160 kbps MP3 format respectively. When using the Zen to record line level audio from the Sony XDR-S10HDip or Blaupunkt Daytona, the WMA resultant audio clips exhibit a distinctive ‘chugging’ noise in the background which can be heard whilst listening to the recordings via headphones. These clips were recorded at moderately low volume (ie. in the green region on the VU recording meter). The noise does not affect recordings made on a component tuner or the Dabbler’s Dream portable receiver. The noise is present on recordings of both quieting signals and weak signals although in the latter case it is more noticeable.

The symptom could be due to:

  • recording not performed at a high enough level (ie. peaking in the red region on the VU recording meter) which perhaps increases the propensity of artifacts or
  • the effect of the FM signal preamplifier whilst using particular receivers that employ DSP algorithms.
  • The chugging does not seem to be caused by interference from the Zen, otherwise it would also appear on recordings made on the Tecsun radio, surely? The above possibilities will be eliminated (eventually, if time permits!) and indeed the Yepp might be completely immune, but someone out there might have some ideas.

    If none of the above makes sense, these links might make the peculiarity a little easier to understand! 🙂

    Recording quality on the 2U4U DMR-300 WMA Player

    Chugging noise from PC Soundcard

    The answer would appear to be the first explanation (only the Zen does it… and at low recording levels only). Here is a reward for suffering through this entry, being an example. If others can’t hear the chugging it must be the (excellent) imagination of this blogger. Please don’t deliberately taunt me! 😉

    How do I play audio clips outside the PC?

    This was a question a subscriber asked recently. To download unencrypted video or audio clips from on any website, please use the Mozilla Firefox plugin Download Helper.

    If using a browser unsupported by Helper, such as the wonderful Opera there are alternative methods. Simply add “savefrom.net/” or “sfrom.net/” before the URL (internet address). Some examples:



    Type the URL into the Address Bar in your browser and press Enter. File size, format and quality (e.g. video resolution, audio sampling rate) can be displayed and indeed chosen for sites such as Youtube. These are two alternatives of dozens available. Both appear to be robust solutions that do not potentially invade network privacy or increase susceptibility to viruses.

    Google Chrome (requires Windows XP, Mac OS X 10.5 or Linux) is a browser that appears to capture Flash streams straight ‘out of the box’. Please note that only Helper & Real Player will capture videos created by Dbrmuz as far as this blogger can tell!

    Once the FLV or MP4 video is downloaded, the final step required is to extract video and audio without any transcoding using open source extraction software.

    It’s awesome to be able to download an informational video such as this and just extract the audio for playback on the MP3 player in the car.

    Thank you to Dbrmuz (aka I Used to be a Nobody) for assistance in compiling this entry.

    Tool time

    The following surplus items of radio equipment are available for private sale from this blogger.


    Radio Data System. Digiceiver tuner featuring Sharx adaptive IF bandwidth control. Manual bandwidth control. CD naming. 4 x 25 watts power output. 4 x 45 watts maximum.

    Auxiliary input cable included. Harness included.

    Pre-amp out cable is required for optional connection to amplifier. Available on-line.

    Purchased in 2011 from Soundmaster Scotland.

    Excellent condition. Made in Portugal. No longer in production.

    Operating Instructions

    BHI NEIM1031 MKII $150

    Amplified Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Noise Eliminating In-line Module (NEIM) suitable for removing interference from audio recordings & radio reception. Suitable for voice, unsuitable for music.

    Includes operating instructions. Auxiliary input cable included.

    12 volt power supply is required. Available at any electronics retailer.

    Purchased in 2009 from the official BHI Ebay store in Great Britain.

    Excellent condition. Made in Great Britain. In production. Retails for $250 at Andrews Communications.

    Demonstration Sound Files

    The selling prices include registered postage to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Canberra. Items can be returned within seven days of receipt at the buyer’s expense if the item is not in proper working order. Payment via Paypal or Bank Deposit. Photos are indicative of actual item. Actual photos will be uploaded on request. If you are interested simply comment.