RN modulation levels compared

Whilst the press secretary at FM DXing Incorporated was waiting for the stir fry on the wok to shrivel to form a delicious plastic texture, a sample was undertaken tonight of three permanent ABC Radio National FM broadcasts. The tuner was manually switched to narrow mode to exaggerate the differences between modulation levels set at different broadcast sites.

Readers will be salivating at the prospect of hearing these recordings. Please exercise patience, the server can only handle a certain volume of traffic at any one time. Beware of the competition, One Direction fans.

ABC Radio National FM 103.1

99.5 MHz Coffs Harbour New South Wales (south east over the ocean, approximately 335 km)

100.9 MHz Biggenden Queensland (north west, approx. 225 km)

90.1 MHz Southport Queensland (south along the coastline, approx. 90 km)

The inclusion of the 96.9 MHz Mullumbimby RN broadcast would have been preferable. Unfortunately, tonight this signal exhibited significant co-channel interference from 96.9 MHz Gympie and no-one wants to listen to that! In addition, a surprise Radio Metro signal was ‘dancing all over’ the 105.7 MHz Bell (Bunya Mountains) RN broadcast.

No signal amplification was used in-line because doing so introduces significant changes to signal levels which, in turn, affects the audio quality.

Disclaimer: Sarcasm is under-rated. The benefits of obtaining at least five hours of sleep per night is under-rated, the effects are clear. 🙂

4 Responses to RN modulation levels compared

  1. dxnerd86 says:

    There are definitely differences in modulation between RN’s (and JJJ’s for that matter) down here as well. I might do a similar post in the near future.

    • fmdxing says:

      Look forward to your entry. Even in wide mode on a tuner, 100.9 MHz is quite distorted. The broadcast quality of the ABC stations from Mt Moombil (altitude 1,000 m) in Dorrigo NP at Coffs is outstanding (other sites should be benchmarked to these levels).

  2. dxnerd86 says:

    Yeah, I find Moombil is good, when I can receive it that is. However because I’m so close to 2SSR’s tx site (99.7 MHz) it suffers from some splat/distortion at times. Didn’t realise Moombil was that high either, would even get snowed on at times. No wonder it gets out.

  3. fmdxing says:

    No chance of receiving 99.5 MHz in the city in wide mode. A location where The Rebel Media network only use six broadcast transmitters under section 40. 😦