How do I play audio clips outside the PC?

This was a question a subscriber asked recently. To download unencrypted video or audio clips from on any website, please use the Mozilla Firefox plugin Download Helper.

If using a browser unsupported by Helper, such as the wonderful Opera there are alternative methods. Simply add “” or “” before the URL (internet address). Some examples:

Type the URL into the Address Bar in your browser and press Enter. File size, format and quality (e.g. video resolution, audio sampling rate) can be displayed and indeed chosen for sites such as Youtube. These are two alternatives of dozens available. Both appear to be robust solutions that do not potentially invade network privacy or increase susceptibility to viruses.

Google Chrome (requires Windows XP, Mac OS X 10.5 or Linux) is a browser that appears to capture Flash streams straight ‘out of the box’. Please note that only Helper & Real Player will capture videos created by Dbrmuz as far as this blogger can tell!

Once the FLV or MP4 video is downloaded, the final step required is to extract video and audio without any transcoding using open source extraction software.

It’s awesome to be able to download an informational video such as this and just extract the audio for playback on the MP3 player in the car.

Thank you to Dbrmuz (aka I Used to be a Nobody) for assistance in compiling this entry.

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  1. dbrmuz says:

    Helpful blog posts on the internet??? What’s going on here?! 😉

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