Killer Sharx

A brand new, boxed Blaupunkt Seattle RDM 169 car receiver is listed on Ebay. Such a rare breed is definitely worth blowing an E-snipe bid point on.

This blogger owns a Munchen RDM 169 which is internally identical. On that receiver, the Sharx adaptive IF algorithm works beautifully. Hard core Manchester-based enthusiast Julian Hardstone bought his Seattle RDM 169 in March, saying:

You certainly will not find a better ‘out-of-the-box’ dx machine, and it seems to equal the best of re-filtered tuners.

Back in 2002, Rod Easdown wrote in the Melbourne Age:

[The] Digiceiver… digitises radio signals and uses DSP technology to enhance them, strengthening weak signals and removing much of the interference. It is the first time anyone has been able to digitise an analogue radio signal and it works on AM and FM.

2 Responses to Killer Sharx

  1. dbrmuz says:

    Looks interesting…Ugly as fuck though. 😉

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