Two great artists, one is a better marketer

The first artist being assessed is John Lydon from Public Image Limited. This blogger remembers Public Image Limited rather than the Sex Pistols. In Australia, PIL are known for the following songs:

  • Public Image (1978)
  • This Is Not a Love Song (1983)
  • The Order of Death (1990)
  • Open Up (1993)

The latter became a club anthem, with Lydon on vocals as part of electronic outfit Leftfield. Order of Death featured in various films including the smash hit, Blair Witch Project.

Lydon is touring Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne in April. He markets himself in this manner:

Consider the second artist, Chris Isaak. Isaak’s eleven Australian shows have now been completed. The performance of Isaak & his band received incredible reviews. Even this blogger’s parents said this was one of the finest intimate live shows ever attended.

Isaak & his band Silvertone are known for the following songs:

  • Blue Hotel (1987)
  • Wicked Game (1990)
  • Somebody’s Crying (1995)
  • Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing (1995)
  • Go Walking Down There (1995)

Isaak markets himself in a quite different manner:

In this blogger’s humble opinion, these are both great artists, but one can memorably cultivate controversy. ‘Johnny Rotten’ has been been doing that since the late ’70s. See Richard Branson’s autobiographies, for example. Evidently, acting like a ‘prick’ never gets old.

It’s all fun & games but one part is troubling. Acting like an awful human being (even if it is acting), means ultimately others may think that ‘act’ was the real person. Being remembered after death as a horrible person is probably not something this blogger would intentionally aspire to.

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