Get motivated for fitness by watching tele?

Repeats of Muscle TV are back showing on TV4ME on free to air digital television. This is a 30 minute programme presented by professional bodybuilders and personal trainers catering for those looking to get in shape.

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A sample episode (5.3)  included:

  • general nutrition and supplementation advice;
  • chef recipes for fat loss (‘getting cut’);
  • interviews with regular male and female gym participants regarding their personal weight restriction regimen;
  • a 35 minute routine for metabolism stimulation (featuring exercises using gym machines and free weights training all body parts) &
  • exercises designed for those with lower back problems.

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Whilst some of the recipes featured appear to be visually unappealing and the nutrition section usually features advertising for a sport supplement manufacturer, the show serves as an excellent motivator.

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The vast majority of exercise routines illustrated can be performed outside the gym. Only simple equipment such as bar bells, dumb bells, kettle bells, medicine balls and swiss balls is required, and perhaps a basic $100 bench.

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According to Sam’s Fitness:

The show is hosted by Tony Doherty and his down to earth approach is a refreshing change to some of the tossers that are on tv. This laid back approach makes for easy viewing plus you can tell all the people that are on the show are comfortable and talk freely giving great insight into their area of expertise.

Indeed, the presenters are intelligent and articulate speakers, avoiding bodybuilding jargon in order to cater to a wide television and DVD video audience. The programme is likely to appeal the most to an audience with some basic experience in gym work… but consider that even senior high school students generally have access to in house gym equipment, not to mention large companies. Not a programme for gym rats per se, Muscle TV is the ideal remedy for those bored for stale routines or newbies hungry for realistic advice.

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TV4ME airs the show on digital channel 74 in metropolitan areas (channel 64 elsewhere) on Mondays at 8 pm and repeated at 5 pm Fridays. For readers whose television has been smashed in frustration due to the networks’ fetish for cooking and home renovation reality shows, Muscle TV can be streamed via the website or Youtube.

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