Where’s Wally?

This sleep-deprived blogger is writing from the location in the video. OK, perhaps the video is a tad dull but…   How can it be better marketed? Hey, how about considering the Where’s Wally video a test of a $25 camcorder that arrived from China last week. Still not good enough? OK, let’s interact. Shoulder the burden dear readers.

Guess the location! Elaborate in mind numbing detail on the recording quality of the camera used to film it!

Or engage in neither activity, vacation mode means we care a lot… not… but this blog and its vaunted journalistic rigour will return… it won’t happen overnight, but it will heppen (sic).

The video is legitimate, the give away is that the photographer (and author) was too lazy to even open the glass sliding door to film!

Lazy mode has been engaged.  The Autopilot is grumpy so it is prudent not to disturb her! As per usual this blog has no affiliation with any product or merchant. Our independence cannot be bought, although all serious enquiries may be considered. 

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2 Responses to Where’s Wally?

  1. The equipment used to film that epic only cost $25? That’s a bargain in any language.

    My location guess is:the Danube. What’s the prize money,and when do I get it? ;p

    • fmdxing says:

      As one might expect for 25 bucks, the video camera isn’t perfect. For example, it requires 3 x lithium AAA batteries for maximum operating longevity. Alkalines work but only last several hours. Rechargeables work but since they are 1.2 volt capacity each rather than the required 1.5 volts the camera simply powers up, but switches off.

      The resulting ‘Motion JPEG’ AVI video files need to be converted to ‘H.264’ MP4 format before Youtube can use it. Although the Panasonic Lumix HD or SD video is in ‘Quicktime’ MOV format these files are huge so I usually transcode to H.264 MPEG-4 format anyway before uploading. I’m already doing that with the Lumix so that’s not really a disadvantage.

      When things are this cheap and functional, the morality of the labour rates have to be considered. Considering even Apple has been accused of labour exploitation in producing their Iphones, these issues are problematic. Are we happy to get our latest shiny technology via ever-widening social inequity (poverty)? That’s probably heavy stuff to think about during the summer silly season when the weather, surf, epic tennis and parties are on the agenda!

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