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Hilarious! If populist conservative blogger Andrew Bolt cannot afford staff to moderate his thousands of audience comments, what chance in hell do the rest of us have?

ABC journalist Jonathan Green writes:

Take a look at the Bolt blog now and you will see post after post with no comments, perhaps one open thread each day. What you see is Bolt paying the price for popularity and success.

The truth is that to run comments at high volume in the angrily contested space that is modern Australian politics requires diligent pre-post moderation. And that means staff. And that means money.

There’s proof here that all the talk of faltering media business models cuts a little deeper than the routinely discussed disconnect between classified advertising and serious broadsheet journalism. Here we have the country’s most successful political blog neutered thanks to the cost of moderation.

Just a reminder that all comments are approved on this blog, subject to the common sense policy specified on the legal page. If bloggers are serious about championing free speech then selective approval of audience comments by the writer should not form part of any blog. Practice what you preach. That means tolerating comments left by readers that may be considered uninformed, disagreeable, spiteful & petty.

Fortunately, this blog does not attract an audience that, to date, leaves these sort of comments. But please, do not see this message as tacit encouragement to start ‘ripping me a new one’ on future entries. 🙂 No-one likes to be told they are wrong, let alone by some faceless commentator 1,000 kilometres away. However, from this blogger’s perspective, censorship of audience comments is far worse!

This entry will self-destruct in fourteen days.

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