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The request for UHF antenna photographs via email will be fulfilled right here, right now. These photos show the phased array and yagi antenna in use last week. For those unfamiliar with these terms, Mr Henderson provides a simple overview of the characteristics of different antenna types at the DTV Forum.

The three photographs above illustrate the UHF phased array antenna, ANTFAUL. This type of antenna is also known as a bowtie because, erm, that’s what it looks like.

Foward gain is 9 – 12.5 dBd

Front to Back ratio is greater than 20 dB

Frequency coverage is 470 – 830 MHz

These two photographs above capture the beastly NAS Signal Max 34 element premium UHF yagi, ANTSMX34. This yagi is also the subject on the mast below!

Foward gain is 10 – 16.5 dBd

Front to Back ratio is 14.5-21.5 dB

Frequency coverage is 522.5 – 816.5 MHz*

* Based on the Australian band IV & V digital television frequency table compiled by antenna manufacturer Clipsal.

Rest assured, those guy wires are in fact straight! This is an optical illusion, much like when New South Wales scores heart-breaking State of Origin tries. 🙂

Lest this photo present ripe fodder for armchair critics, yes, the coaxial cable should be secured by cable ties. As this temporary amateur-grade installation was only in the sky for a few hours, these finer matters were not attended to! Be cool man, grab a coldie and enjoy the campsite!

Antenna specifications

DTV Forum

Nationwide Antenna Systems

J. R. Winegard

Thank you to family members for taking the photos & assisting with assembly whilst enduring this blogger’s irritable behaviour because of a current injury.

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