News Blander… than Subway wholemeal rolls

Welcome to this debut edition of News Blander. Tonight’s bland topics include web browsers, blogging content management systems & false advertising.

Electronics manufacturer Kogan has imposed a tax on Internet Explorer 7 users who purchase through the company’s website. Why not go further and charge those who use Internet Explorer 8 as well? Just maybe after all these years, a monopolistic corporate giant like Microsoft is getting just desserts after infringing anti-competitive laws across the globe. Just for fun this entry was composed using Internet Explorer 8, and that mistake won’t happen again, rest assured!

Still on Information Technology, comprehensive research shows that WordPress is the clear platform of choice for the most popular blogs by a considerable margin. Analysis of the ranking reveals that 9 percent of hosted blogs (such as this one) use WordPress.

We shall close today’s News Blander with an astonishing discovery that Subway has been very bad, and the company’s chicken fillet submarine sandwich is indeed manufactured meat, rather than a fillet of chicken. When someone who has regularly frequented 24 hour Subways after nights on the amber avenue can realize this immediately upon consumption (this isn’t a reference to this writer, surely such boganesse depravity would never happen…) this is truly the shock of the decade, isn’t it?

Hungry Jack’s Tender Grill or the McDonald’s Seared Chicken burgers taste far better. So hungry right now…

Photograhy by Elisa Nobe.

One Response to News Blander… than Subway wholemeal rolls

  1. dbrmuz says:

    I’d rather eat them bland Subway wholemeal (is it REAL wholemeal though?) bread rolls than read yet more mind-numbing “WordPress is the best,I want to bend over and be its bitch” propaganda.

    Next I expect to see a 5,000 word entry detailing how “Honest” John Howard is vastly underpaid by the very people who sacked him,for all the Platinum Class travel he has to suffer to deliver those $60,000 speeches.

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