Log & love analogue before she blows

Because we are on borrowed time before the UHF switchoff, let’s enjoy some permanent analogue television broadcasting from Bald Knob at Maleny on the Sunshine Coast.

Signals were received at a distance of 62 kilometres from the broadcast site. Conditions were poor with wind gusts of 45 km/h and a minimum ambient temperature of 10 degrees inside the dwelling! Tropo TV comprehensively illustrates long distance tropospheric reception of the region. Clinton, please stop surfing (it’s winter) and come back into the hobby!

The antenna for the video reception below is cut for the wrong frequencies (i.e. a rooftop eight element FM yagi). Accordingly, DVB-T reception is not possible under normal circumstances.

Note the Sunshine Coast television broadcasts use directional antenna arrays facing the license area. There is a null towards the adjoining and overlapping capital city license area.

RTQ49 WIN Television

On 674.224 MHz, this analogue broadcast is pumping 60 kW towards the opposite direction! WIN Television Sunshine Coast has always been the 120 pound weakling of ”her co-sited peers’ due to co-channel interference, say local hard core enthusiasts.



Please view both the video and the snapshots as the content differs. Thanks!

TNQ46 Southern Cross Ten

On 653.224 MHz, Southern Cross is hammering 60 kW into the opposite direction!



As the name suggests, Southern Cross Austereo operates the station which enables cross promotion between the television station and the commercial radio operations.



The signal quality of this troposcatter is impressive. Sure, perhaps undesirable for watching football or other action sports. But one surmises (as a mere radio enthusiast) that the thrill is in the hunt of weak television signals, rather than consumption of the programming or entertainment.

ABQ2 Mt Coot-tha ABC1 Television

Now partake in a crystal clear local 200 kW signal on 64.25 MHz. Such wondrous beauty is provided merely for reference & benchmarking purposes!

BTQ52 Retransmission of Mt Coot-tha BTQ7

On 695.224 MHz, BTQ52 is actually simmering 30 kW of raw St Anger towards this direction. Notice the difference?

This is another fringe signal for reference & benchmarking purposes. Channel Seven has always been the strongest of the Sunshine Coast translators. The Bald Knob translators relay the Brisbane stations for Sunshine Coast viewers.

Effectively, viewers in this region get more programming choice than the city folk due to an extra three commercial channels. This is because of the aforementioned peculiarities in the license areas assigned by the regulator. Or it could be because of the notoriously stagnant nightlife in this region. More channels are required to provide a facade of an adequate quality of life to residents. But the unforgettable house parties make up for this!

Useless information

This section is for those who are obsessed with minutiae, which frankly is a spectacularly fun word that should be used more often.  No?

Footage recorded during:
The Voice, CSI: New York, Breakfast (featuring Weather Report) & Late News.

Tuner & recorder: LG 386D (Davros reviews this below)
Computer software: WinFF version 1.4.2 & Virtual Dub Mod version



Recorded in MPEG2 format
Video size 720 x 576
Average bitrate 7,750 Kbps (XP mode)

Transcoded to MPEG4 format
Video size 320 x 240
Average bitrate 1,800 Kbps (Default mode)

3 Responses to Log & love analogue before she blows

  1. dbrmuz says:

    Maleny? I’m enjoying immensely the countless minutes of entertainment AlanH has been providing-FREE OF CHARGE!-on DTV Forum with his well-researched, knowledgeable tips on local reception issues there.

    Here’s as good a place as any to start: http://www.dtvforum.info/index.php?showtopic=12328&view=findpost&p=1772108

    • fmdxing says:

      The correspondence in the aforementioned thread validates just how weak the signal of the Bald Knob broadcasts (both the capital city translators and the Sunshine Coast signals) are towards the south, to the point where the capital city signal may be stronger!

      What fortuitous analogue signals can you receive Dbrmuz? Perhaps you could consider an entry on television DX?

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