Boundless Possibilities?

This is a tool that could be useful for weather purposes and possibly tropospheric ducting. For example, an enthusiast in Adelaide could set the tool to send a text message when the current temperature in Melbourne exceeded 35 degrees. Alternatively, some other trigger variable could be chosen which may influence the formation of tropospheric ducting or enhanced troposcatter conditions. Alternatively, the tool could automatically post entries on a WordPress or Blogger blog when this trigger event occurred.

Obviously, listening to the weather report or the late news telecast would achieve the same result with greater precision (e.g. the benefit of perusing synoptic chart) but that activity is unlikely to happen on a daily basis, so why not enlist the services of a third party to provide a heads-up?

How about a text when there is an Aurora storm?

For Twitter users, the tool could automatically tweet your new blog entries for greater potential penetration.

Let’s say this blogger uploads a new video to Youtube. The tool will automatically blog this on WordPress saving at least a few minutes.

Interesting? Too good to be true? This blogger does not own a smartphone nor has an actively attended-to Twitter account so more progressive computer-savvy enthusiasts should only pass judgement. Check it out and share your experiences of If This Then That to the cynical generation!

Blogger Justin Pot explains how it works, with simple examples of how the tool can make a dumbphone smarter!

Journalist Adam Pash provides a step-by-step introduction to the tool.

Computer engineer Ryan Mattison muses about potential privacy concerns.

Alright, just watch the video…

Thanks to enthusiast Dave Hascal for pointing this service out and its possibilities. Future entries to this blog will be written by a robot, lucky times dear readers! Oh yeah. Still waiting for that promise of  a ‘paperless office’ to be realized…

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