Only the Strong

The title has been borrowed from a wonderful ‘Oils track. Inspired by Jamie, who found significant differences in sensitivity between DVB-T receivers, a sensitivity test was conducted with two Strong High Definition DVB-T receivers. This amateur test focussed on the two weakest multiplexes (226.5 MHz and 599.5 MHz) at this location. F-type attenuators were progressively added in-line to kill the signal. To maintain accuracy, the same antenna was used and no splitter was used. Surprisingly, the winner was the Strong SRT-5430.

Let’s start with ABC News 24, which many consider to be a taxpayer funded disappointment. Apparently the channel was going to be called ABC Reruns from earlier but this name was too cumbersome.

Piss easy on both receivers.

A decode of 31 Digital was not possible using the SRT-5405 set top box, as the still below illustrates.

A faithful decode of 31 Digital was possible using the SRT-5430 set top box. Hot dog, we have a winner.

This blogger was aghast to find that no two DVB-T tuners offered equivalent sensitivity, in a small sample of four receivers under ownership! A LG DR-386D DVB-T recorder also significantly outperforms the Strong SRT-5405 DVB-T receiver. The DVB-T tuner with the weakest sensitivity was integrated into a Tevion AC-19LHC2 High Definition LCD television. Quality consumer-grade signal preamplifiers (costing between $50 and $100) may improve the sensitivity of lacklustre DVB-T receivers.

Now if only the broadcast of the Lions home game last weekend on 7mate was not full of digital artifacts (perfect reception but poor quality broadcast feed) these devices could be useful for actually watching television as opposed to trying to obtain long distance VHF/UHF reception. Hey, channel seven, note no artifacts were evident on One which was airing the netball at the same time! 🙂

The video was recorded using a Pioneer DVR-540H. The snap shots were created using Virtual Dub Mod

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