Popular portable receivers

Let’s examine the portable receivers used by active European FM enthusiasts!

Where an enthusiast uses multiple portable receivers at any one location, all their chosen portable equipment is included. Due to their size or weight, some of these receivers may be less ‘portable’ than others. These portable receivers may be modified by enthusiasts to increase FM selectivity, that is, the separation between FM stations. For example, this blogger has replaced the second 180 kHz Asian-made filter in his Degen De1121 with a 56 kHz Murata filter, whilst leaving the first FM filter intact. Incidentally, the integrated circuits used in the FM section of the De1121 are virtually identical to the very popular De1103.

The radios pictured above & below are amongst the most popular portable receivers suitable for long distance FM reception.

These polls are merely intended to provide a superficial snapshot. The sample size (10) and the rules for inclusion (above) may skew results.

De Fine Print

Data is compiled from tropospheric & meteoric loggings submitted to Peter Schwarz for the April 2012 edition of German-language Reflexion magazine (edition number 243). Enthusiasts who provided loggings reside in Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Italy & Poland. Four enthusiasts did not provide details of the equipment used with their loggings, thus restricting the sample size. A two-year subscription to the electronic version of Reflexion magazine costs approximately $38 when paid via foreign draft. Graph created by Online Chart Generator, one of 22 Useful Online Chart & Graph Generators.

The next polls to be included will cover the most popular external FM antennas & component FM tuners used in Europe.

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