Toys part two

This article originally appeared on the now-defunct dbrmuz blog.

It was Sabrina that sung about ‘Toys, toys, toys’ in the eighties. OK, I lie. A reinvention of history. Perhaps if she had, the song might have been better. Sabrina’s back catalogue was more offensive than any content referred to in this blog. Funnier too!

The Kenwood KX-3080 cassette deck is on its way. At $87 (postage included), it is an absolute bargain from Ebay Australia.


It easily out-performs the Panasonic combination system which it will replace. That combo system has a frequency response of 40 Hz – 12,000 Hz (plus or minus 3 decibels, normal tape). The dual decks in the Panasonic have no Dolby, a signal to noise ratio of 52 decibels with wow & flutter at 0.1 % (WRMS).

The specifications of the Kenwood KX-3080 are identical to the Yamaha KX-380 single well cassette deck, described previously on this blog here and here.

This label is a slight concern, but ‘we shall see’ I suppose. For those who may not watch the news, the Chinese are those humorless ‘red raggers’ who were assisting in the construction of our National Broadband Network until ASIO stopped them. Perhaps this deck will only play communist propaganda spoken word recordings?

This is a single-well deck. Some enthusiasts vigorously argue that single-well decks are superior to dual-well decks due to mechanical issues. That statement seems like an oversimplification, or if you prefer, what Liberal National Party Senator ‘Barnacle’ Joyce describes as a ‘rational argument supported by facts’ in his inimitable coherent style of speech.

$87 for a 1997-vintage deck with a warranty? I think I robbed the guy. He included both Bob Katter & Anna Bligh as part of the sale, citing a bundled package deal of ‘obsolete technology’.

Supplies of metho & cotton buds are on hand if she is a dirty one. Here in the dbrmuz coffee room (below) we have plenty of metho available. Aged spirits are overrated, and frankly time consuming to distill. Metho is an affordable beverage that you can share amongst your family. Tip: simply infuse with a bottle of vanilla essence for the ultimate party drink.  

The above photographs are courtesy of these Hungarian sites (translated into English): 

4 Responses to Toys part two

  1. dbrmuz says:

    Metho? I am disturbed-I was always lead to believe,from a very young age,that metho leaves a slight film on the heads.Is that not so? I always use isopropyl alcohol for the purpose of cleaning,as it evaporates away entirely very quickly.

  2. Isopropyl alcohol is purer (100% alcohol versus 95% with metho), more expensive and most importantly, tastes better. Personally, I have never experienced any residual film with metho.

    The hifi manufacturers may prefer that pure alcohol is used. Some say to only use rubber cleaner for the pinch rollers. Logically, metho might be better to use on rubber than pure alcohol because of the dilution.

    I haven't demagnetized the heads for years either, although I do own a demagnetizer. No clicks & pops evident indicating demagnetization.

    My two cents…
    clean heads every fortnight for decks that get used every weekend…
    metho is fine (definitely better than not cleaning!)…
    clean the rollers less often…

  3. That should read:

    No clicks & pops evident indicating Magnetization.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sabrina's Boys was all right, particularly the part in the vid where she falls out of her top in the pool.

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