Nonsense of the highest calibre

A cursory inspection of my existing collection, pictured above, reveals an urgent need to buy some more high quality chrome or metal tape. Metal tape for less than $9 Australian raincoats each including postage from New York? Yes.

5 pack of 1 hour metal position tapes on Ebay

For those that are growing increasingly tired of the discussion of analogue technologies on this blog, just remember how we punish intellectuals who ridicule us. Our most popular idea is pictured below. After all, the compact cassette is now fashionable. The New York hipsters have spoken. They know best. And here at dbrmuz.old we love fashion just as much as Chad Kroger (reportedly ‘the coolest kid in the library’ according last week’s Triple J breakfast show interview with one of their support acts) loves a fashionable haircut.

Golden Axe screen shot. A Chad Kroger arcade favourite. 

I have some shrink wrapped tape still around, but it’s not of the workmanship that the dbrmuz.old pedants demand. There is one shrink wrapped Sony type II’er which was purchased from Independent Tape Service in Artarmon a few years ago, when they were clearing their warehouse. Since I grabbed my Golden Axe and moved I haven’t seen it. It must be here somewhere! Anyway, I digress. Last week, the following 6 pack (not lager surprisingly) below was purchased. One is missing because I have used it already. But considering analogue is a drug that needs regular injections those Sony metallicas photographed above look mighty tempting right now.

Yes, this is how I operate my laptop. It works better like this.

Well, at least Bog Spot can insert this image up the right way!

One Response to Nonsense of the highest calibre

  1. Leelee says:

    Well if your laptop works better that way I might just have to try it and see if mine will work better to as I am about to do something horrible to it 🙂

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