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Let’s hit the rewind button to Thursday, January 27th last year. Tropo from the Hamilton powerhouses ducted through along with the Auckland ones over two, maybe three nights coinciding with Tropical Cyclone Yasi. The original entry has been fully updated with two new clips added.

The broadcasts were received at two locations on three different antennas. In this particular escapade, we are using the 15-element FM antenna connected to the Yamaha TX-930. At times, the spectrum of the highly modulated local talk station on 98.5 MHz completely overpowered the weak DX, which meant an eight hour overnight tape recording was not overkill on this occasion.

The signals were adequate on the eight element FM antenna. Using the wideband antenna, I could only receive the signal on peaks for half an hour at most. In turn, the guys from Northland in New Zealand were hearing the powerhouses in my region for two nights. I know Bryan for example, was using a five element FM antenna. After this duct was spent, it was Sydney’s turn!

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    Great presentation of the Waikato NZ clip!

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