Weekend ducting from Taree

Both Coffs Harbour stations. This is the second time that Coffs Harbour stations have been received in the city.

Pt Macquarie station, 2MC FM from Mt Yarrahapinni.

These high pressure systems near New Zealand (above) also meant that Taree was heard via tropo at stronger than usual levels. Under every day conditions, these signals from Taree can be heard at weak levels from roughly 10 pm – 9 am throughout summer. The signals likely fall within the definition of troposcatter as the signals are permanent yet exhibit heavy fading, disappearing for up to five to 10 minutes.

Notice the cloudless humid weather (above). Permanent reception of the Coffs Harbour powerhouses was considerably stronger than usual. With the preamp, stations were 88 dBf on the Yamaha or 3 bars on the Sony. Without signal amplification, levels were 64 dBf and 1 bar respectively.

For overseas visitors:

Taree – Middle Brother site 490km / 304 mi
Pt Macquarie – Mt Yarrahapinni site 390km / 242 mi
Coffs Harbour – Bruxner Park site 329km / 204 mi

These cities are within the Australian state of New South Wales. All distances cited on this blog are calculated accurately using FM Scan. Please do not use the distances provided to partake in one-upmanship.

Clips of 2MC and 2CS will be posted next week.

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