Memories of by gone days

I found a tape on the floor (pictured) and briefly fast forwarded through it in 20 minute increments. The cassette contains DX recordings from several years ago.

Radio Wantok Light Pt Moresby
Radio Central Pt Moresby with 4TAB underneath
RNZ Concert Hamilton
7HO FM 101.7 Hobart with 4ABCFM underneath
2MC FM 106.7 Port Macquarie tropo
Hitz FM 93.9 Bundaberg tropo

Since these were recorded, my receiving equipment has been improved, as is the case with enthusiasts authoring linked blogs (below, right). The Pt Moresby and Port Macquarie reception still remains elusive. Such stations are generally heard only once a year. These days Bundaberg and Hamilton stations are so frequently heard in the city that I wouldn’t normally record the reception.

I also found three tapes of Sporadic E when I used to sit with a microphone affixed to the speaker in the car on the driveway, announcing what frequency I am recording, the date etc! Oh the memories! Sweat, baby sweat!

I would leave the dictation recorder running until the side was finished, locking the car up. Then you’d play the tape back inside to hear the Sporadic E. It’s so much easier doing this inside in the air conditioning, but in those days my tenancy agreement would not allow me to put up an antenna. The reception using the small VHF/UHF TV antenna inside was much worse than in the car!

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  1. dbrmuz says:

    Most important of all-you chose TDK.Well done old friend,well done. 😉

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