Sham elitism: Graduates vent their disgust

Federal Coalition frontbencher Andrew Laming is another medical graduate expressing his disgust at the administrative processes in place at the University of Queensland. The state’s oldest (‘sandstone’) university has major campuses in St Lucia, Ipswich and Gatton in South East Queensland.


Dr Laming writes:

According to Chancellor John Story, the University of Queensland is committed to the highest levels of probity, and… [the instance where the Vice Chancellor’s family member was admitted into medicine without fulfilling the criteria] was an irregularity devoid of misconduct. The University Senate expressed regret but not sorrow. It evokes images of a typographical error.

But surely a vice-chancellerial conversation alone cannot possibly lead to an irregular enrolment? Where was the Dean of the School of Medicine in this process? How were irregular admissions funded? What were the second-order effects like diverted resources, additional unfunded places or reduced admissions elsewhere?

It is fair to wonder whether fiddling for family members of those in the right places is established practice. Only an inquiry would give answers.

Read Andrew’s full article in the Courier-Mail.

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