Clear Mountain bandscan

A bandscan was taken from Clear Mountain tonight during flat conditions. Ideally it should be representative of permanent troposcatter reception at this location. The stop was hurried, with a maximum of 30 seconds spent listening to each frequency. This resulted in quite a few unidentified stations. 🙂

Check out the links to two photos from Clear Mountain from its highest point, atop the conference centre at Clear Mountain Lodge, Spa and Vineyard. These photographers are pointing north with their cameras. The Lodge is not accessible to the public. I had the car pointing south on a residential street with a much lower elevation. That spot was within walking distance of the photographed locations, below.

Ana Lundberg

Mousseau Pictures

Groover has documented her three hour cycle to Clear Mountain. The ride features beautiful photographs of the summit.

Whilst stationary at Clear Mountain, both broadcasts of The Breeze on FM 88.9 and FM 92.1 were strong enough to permit RDS decoding.

Whilst stopped briefly at Dayboro, only River 949 would decode. The Narrabri powerhouses were booming in. Surprisingly, the Rockhampton Radio National on FM 103.1 was also heard at Dayboro. To date, it’s never been received at Clear Mountain.

Clear Mountain photo by David Burrows. Dayboro photo by Iano.

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