Grammy Awards speech

Readers might notice that this particular blog bears remarkable similarity to American hard core enthusiast David’s blog. Thanks also to hard core enthusiast Jamie whose own blogging successes prompted me to start my own. Jamie doesn’t know this, but when it was originally launched, I couldn’t comment on his blog, because I didn’t have my own. So, I was virtually forced to blog, joining WordPress! Of course, it’s long been a goal of mine, with David telling me how easy and enjoyable it is.

I’ve also been genuinely inspired by the prolific and enthusiastic efforts of relative newcomer Dbrmuz who is learning so fast it is scary! Also much love for those who take the time to comment or rate the entries. Regular bloggers should realize that I’m still learning (especially how to pace things, keep to a predetermined word limit and format properly), but I have the highest admiration for you guys!

One Response to Grammy Awards speech

  1. dbrmuz says:

    Predetermined word limit? WTF? For mine,a post should write itself,and if that means it’s a sentence saying “Fuck those MS Admins are a pack of Westralian sister-rooters,Tony Abbott-loving Collingwood supporters!”,or one of my many trips down memory lane to the glory days of the TDK cassette tape (TDK still rule!),then that’s just how it goes.

    Keep it up,and as always I thank you for the support you have given me over the years.Well year at least. 😉

    Blogger sux yes,but my tiny mind hated WordPress like poor Whitney (RIP) hated rehab.

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