Free noise removal software

This article originally appeared on the now-defunct dbrmuz blog.

Open source Audacity audio editor has some good DSP plugins for cleaning up recordings. However, from what I have read whilst browsing audio forums, the noise removal effects often have the side effect of making recordings sound like they are being piped through a tunnel… Presumably we are talking about digital artifacts similar to some low bitrate stations on digital radio. Also, the Audacity software is prone to crashing from time to time.

I came across this thread which referred me to information on using Waveosaur with the ReaFIR VST noise removal plugin. The instructions seem quite simple. Effectively, you highlight a sample of the nasty noise you want minimized. With that information, the software can recognize the chunder in your clip and dispense it’s magic, processing the filth like Chas does with Yankpolitik.

Some ideas:

  • Improving hiss on analogue recordings such as vinyl records or compact cassette;
  • Getting rid of pops from vinyl records; or
  • Getting rid of interference on radio recordings such as moderate adjacent channel splatter.

Request… Can someone out there please make a recording of a radio signal featuring some adjacent channel interference? Can satisfactory noise reduction can be achieved? Cheers.

One Response to Free noise removal software

  1. dbrmuz says:

    I've been using Wave Pad for my noise reduction/removal needs.Whilst I haven't tried it on radio recordings,I've been happy enough with the results cleaning up vinyl-to-CD-to-WAV files.As wells as cleaning up ye olde commercially available Oz audio tapes that I record to CD sans Dolby B,then let Wave Pad sort out.

    Pesters you to buy it,but the free version does all I need.

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