Coming up this week

Perhaps if I make these promises in writing the planets will align to provide me with the time I don’t actually have to fulfil these updates!

Long distance FM radio content:

* Two or three more highlight clips of ABC Far North 106.7 from November’s Cairns/Mackay tropo opening.

* Two new clips of Classic Hits 98.6 from the Waikato/Auckland tropo opening. These are to be encoded from the source tape at 320 kbps. The existing ones – which I won’t be bothering to update – were encoded at 160 kbps in case any one gives a toss, but a bit of artifacting can be heard.

Mainstream content:

* Uni Daze part two discussing International Student revenue. An especially interesting topic to consider now that east coast universities are ramping up new domestic enrolments like never before (that is, more places for locals). The series will conclude with Uni Daze part three. These articles are already in the fourth draft versions. Pending a final revision and searching Creative Commons for some pretty graphics.

* Bribie Island photographs. Photos taken by my family. You can never have too many photos on your blog. 🙂

One Response to Coming up this week

  1. dbrmuz says:

    I agree-when it comes to pics,the more the merrier.Especially when it’s of buxom young ladies. 😉

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