Jelena Ristic

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She is Novak Djokovic’s girlfriend. This morning, Serbian tennis player ‘The Djoker’ won the Australian Open at Melbourne Park again. Only just, thanks to an impressive comeback by one of my all time favourite players, Nadal. But Novak deserved this one. Truth be told, Nadal probably had only 10 minutes of poor play in an almost six hour, rain-interrupted match! However, that’s all it takes at this level to lose your grasp. It must be devastating for ‘No Nads’ (literally in this instance) but for this observer, the prize money awarded for professional sport is disgusting, so I am sure the loser gets over the losses somehow.

It’s pretty sad (or perhaps predictable) how every tennis player has to have the requisite (a) model girlfriend and (b) sports car. Think Gold Coast hoon talent Tomic. Sorry Bernie but you appear to be a tool the way your conduct yourself outside of the stadium.

Anyway, what was I saying again? Oh that’s right. Jelena is so passionate in her support of the Djoker as he plays. To this observer, it seems she’s not your average airhead who stays pretty for the cameras, in this case the infuriating Channel Seven coverage. Nor is Jelena a model. And she’s delightful in comparison to watching Leighton’s actress wife Bec who might as well be a cardboard cutout. Albeit a cute one.


I’ve always respected women who get involved with ‘us’ before we hit the big time, perhaps it’s a trust thing. I’ll leave it there, don’t get me started with my misguided assertions.

So here’s to you Jelena, you have differentiated yourself enough from the crop of hand bags that attach themselves to the rich tennis stars. Cynics, be damned! Be damned, I say! I just want to embrace this opportunity for some photos of Novak’s Milan counterpart.

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  1. dbrmuz says:

    I'm bloody glad you got to the point and included some pics at the end there that show how stunning Jelena is.Tennis on this blog??? What next-golf?!?!

    Unless an attractive under-30 female is involved,of course.You can have the wrinkly's my friend. ;p

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