Video Blaupunkt Bremen

Video was recorded of the Blaupunkt Twinceiver on the weekend. I managed to hold the camera still with merely one hand. Yes, reminiscent of the freaky motor skills of Leighton Hewitt, I say folks! 🙂 Even audio of Bundaberg stations was barely audible through the microphone so this is brief demonstration of the upper band. Well, actually the evaluation software would only convert half of the video, that’s the truth!

The radio is identical electronically to the Blaupunkt Digiceiver. My man from Lithgow has hours of video footage on his blog illustrating the 100 kHz channel selectivity, specifically designed for the congested German FM band. Try this example. There are also plenty of video clips on Youtube from European enthusiasts.

Blaupunkt Twinceiver distant shot

The only significant differences between the Twinceiver and the Digiceiver are cosmetic and the provision of twin dual diversity antennas. The latter feature of the Twinceiver suppresses interfering signals and multipath distortion. Theoretically, the radio was designed to continually monitor each antenna to select the strongest or cleanest signal without user intervention. For example, the dual diversity system can eliminate the signal from the Hot 91 translator on 97.9 MHz to provide clear audio of 2ABCFM Coffs Harbour. Such a system is noticeably more effective on mountain tops (when three or four interfering signals typically bastardize any one frequency!) than a Blaupunkt Digiceiver which employs a single antenna.

By holding down the Menu button, the diagnostic screen appears. All functions still are available when this mode is selected. The data displayed includes: RDS data quality, Signal Meter, Signal Quality, Filter Width and Antenna data.

This radio also has a tuning knob like many modern factory radios. The current aftermarket version of this radio is marketed as the Bremen.

3 Responses to Video Blaupunkt Bremen

  1. dbrmuz says:

    Curse you,I’m incredibly jealous! Yes,I absolutely love my Casablanca CD51 (and am at least fond of the CD52),but I could make room for an intimate relationship with a Twinceiver too.

    I notice I can’t hear Lulu on that radio… ;P

    • fmdxing says:

      Youtube statistics indicates you are the sole viewer at this point. Wow, the trouble bloggers go to upload video is really worthwhile after all, isn’t it? 😉

      She’s pretty but nothing to get jealous about. Hmmm, I think I’ve used that line before.

  2. Jamie says:

    Just watched it, so there you go, boosted your viewed number 🙂

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