Portable reception

Here are some long distance catches received during the last fortnight using the Tecsun PL-300WT portable radio. The radio is equipped with an extended telescopic antenna and was used inside the house beside the window. Strong images from 4SBS Radio appear on the radio at this city location.

Sporadic E

Azimuth: east
Maximum distance: 1,635 km

Nouvelle-Calédonie 1ère 88.5 Loyalty Islands
Nouvelle-Calédonie 1ère 89.0 Nouméa
Nouvelle-Calédonie 1ère 90 Dumbéa

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Plus an unidentified station on 91.5 MHz, possibly RFO 3 Nouméa.

Tropospheric Ducting

Azimuth: south
Maximum distance: 340 km

2MRR ABC Local Radio 92.3 Coffs Harbour
2ABCFM 97.9 Coffs Harbour

© 2012 Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Colour code:
Stereo signal on peaks
Received over local station from the north or south coast

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    Well documented posts via the portable radio!

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