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Recently, I was privileged to be a guest on Bribie Island. I stayed on a third floor apartment on Christmas Day & Boxing Day. The Tecsun PL-300WT (Eton G8) portable radio pulled in some surprising permanent (troposcatter) signals compared to what is normally possible in the city.

The Hepburn forecast indicated a partial light blue index. The stations were received on the following frequencies: 92.3, 95.5, 96.3, 96.7, 97.1, 97.9, 98.7, 99.1, 99.5, 99.9, 100.7, 100.9 & 103.1 MHz. In many instances, scatter ‘competed’ with strong local stations such as community FM 91.5, Kix FM 92.3, TAB racing FM 95.5, Hot 91 FM 97.9, Sea FM 100.7 & Radio National FM 100.9. According to FM Scan, the scatter was heard 456 km from the north, 461 km from the west, 516 km from the south.

ABC Radio National FM 103.1

Rockhampton Radio National
Rooms heard: back bedroom
Signal strength: weak & infrequent

Coffs Harbour stations such as Radio National
Rooms heard: everywhere
Signal strength: as perfect as Hot 91 (fighting head to head!)

Zed 100.9

Mullumbimby station Triple Z FM
Rooms heard: kitchen approaching the balcony
Signal strength: could be received over Radio National (fighting head to head!)

Debbie Kruger in the studio on 99.9 Bay FM

Byron station Bay FM
Rooms heard: back bedroom
Signal strength: as perfect as Triple J (fighting head to head!)

Narrabri stations such as Radio National
Rooms heard: front bedroom, entertainment room
Signal strength: moderate & frequent

ABC Local Radio FM 95.5

Taree stations including ABC Local Radio NSW
Rooms heard: back bedroom
Signal strength: moderate & frequent

Read more about the Tecsun PL-3xx portables on the blogs! See also Peter’s videos. Please note the telescopic antenna on my PL-300WT was a 80 centimetre replacement.

A cursory inspection of the alerts suggest skillful enthusiast Paul from Sydney has been receiving Sporadic E from North Queensland on his portable. Such an impressive radio.

The PL-380 and PL-300WT offer identical performance. During a test in the yard on January 10th, it was observed that the fitment of a longer antenna made a significant difference to signal strength. Regardless of the antenna lengths, both radios pulled in Coffs Harbour ABC powerhouses at 330 kilometres.

Photo of Bribie from Vladimir Menkov. First photo of bridge from Michael GG. Second photo of bridge from Lynley Hands. Station multimedia from Ballina’s Bounty & Debbie Kruger. I wish to acknowledge the assistance of a fellow enthusiast in providing information for this entry. I won’t embarrass you… you know who you are! 🙂

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