6 hours of power

From 1:35 pm AEDT, New Caledonia, Norfolk Island, Cairns and Townsville were heard, in order of appearance. The Clipsal 8 element FM antenna was facing eastwards. The notoriously irrepressible North Queensland stations were booming in on a null for at least an hour.

By 5 pm AEDT, I couldn’t continue listening due to other commitments. Audio of 90.0 Radio Nouvelle Caledonie from the Yamaha TX-540 (narrow bandwidth, blend and frequency lock selected) was recorded via timer recording. The hope was to hear 90.0 Laef FM Vanuatu. Today, I played back the DVD in 15 minute increments, courtesy of the auto chapter function. A cursory inspection reveals 90.0 Caledonie was still solid at 7:15 pm AEDT when the recording finished! 😮

Hot hot hot!

Has an enthusiast brought Melbourne temperatures to accompany his presence in the city?

Update: The following day, Monday turned out to be the hottest day in almost two years, according to Weather Zone.

A weak seabreeze helped to regulate temperatures along the coast but the River City still managed to peaked at 33.8 degrees which is four above average and the hottest day of summer so far. Redcliffe hit 32.5 and Acherfield 35.7 which was four and six degrees above average respectively and the hottest day in nearly two years (sic). This heat was coupled with high humidity which made it feel three to four degrees hotter at times.

Update: But it got worse! Wednesday was hottest summer day in almost four years, according to Fairfax newspapers.

..the city’s temperature gauge hit 37.1 degrees just before 4pm. That made Wednesday the hottest day since February 23, 2008, when residents sweated through a top temperature of 40.2 degrees.

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