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Over the past two weeks, I have been borrowing connections ‘wherever I may roam’ (a reference for the ‘Tallica fans) to create new entries and update others on this blog. For mobile HSPDA/3G broadband I use Vodafone Pocket Wifi with my laptop. Because appalling network service is best shared to everyone, here is my experience today at this location.

Giving Vodafone 'the bird'

  • At 5 am, speed was about 400 kbps so uploading my two audio clips took half an hour. Why the hell is the connection so slow at 5 am on a Saturday morning at a residential tower?
  • At midday, it was unusable. It would not even load the low-fi version of the VK Logger after 20 minutes of hair-pulling insanity.
  • At 9 pm, there is apparently ‘no network’.
  • Voda F

    On Boxing Day on Bribie Island, I tried twice to use the connection during the day. Oz Speed Test.com was reporting 80 kbps all day, until about 10 pm when it was 500 kbps. A full signal was measured on the software, with the tower located within a kilometre. Luckily I wasn’t in the apartment so I didn’t need access.

    School holidays? Maybe the sport-starved, obese, juvenile keyboard tappers are taking a toll on the network at the moment. Nonetheless, God help the pour souls who rely on Vodafone for commercial purposes.

    Acknowledgement: Thanks to the talented folk who created the multimedia for Vodafail used on this page!

    One Response to Vodafone

    1. dbrmuz says:

      I find Vodafone to be absolutely perfect,in the highly popular (& populated) centres I frequent on a daily basis.Places like Portland,Sunny Corner,Cullen Bullen et al all enjoy the exact same level of Voda service that I do inside my humble abode in the centre of Lithgow-which Voda maps clearly show receives FULL STRENGTH coverage!

      On a similar note,I’d just like to take the time to thank those fine Mods & Admins in charge of MS,for really making the site a nice & friendly place to visit,fully welcoming of a wide variety of poster & opinion.Well done all-round I say!

      Next up-dbrmuz professes his love for all things Collingwood.And the Liberal Party.

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