Oooh, the pretty pictures!

Here’s the ionization happening hundreds of kilometres above the Brisbane sky this afternoon. This resulted in Michael Clarke, sorry, I mean ‘Muz, hitting a big score of Sporadic E. This ionization over Bris Vegas blasted stations from Emerald, Mackay, Rockhampton & Townsville into Lithgow up to 106 MHz.


The sounding from the ionosonde shows Sporadic E completely blanketing the F layer. The variable foEs is being observed right up to 16 or 17 MHz!

Ionosondes and Digisondes are devices that send a spectrum of radio wave pulses straight up (vertically incident to the ground). They measure the length of time it takes for a reflection to be returned, the strength of the reflection, and how high of a frequency can be reflected.

‘Muz wishes to thank Sony for the bat, erm, I mean tuner. Unfortunately, he ripped up his contract last week. 🙂

Ionogram Viewer
Ionogram Overview (easier to interpret, but NOT real time)

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