New Zealand makes a good skipper

I knew Jamie would hear New Zealand broadcast FM sooner or later. Last week, I heard Es with Jamie’s local station Magic 93.1 Riverland mixing with 93.1 Classic Hits Greymouth (NZ SI). A nice 10 minute clip was recorded. This of course, meant that NZ would likely have been reflected into Jamie’s region… if not for that blocked local station! I’m guessing Jamie’s Trans Tasman 2Es were being reflected from Southern NSW Riverina region! Supporting this view is the fact that of those stations Jamie logged, only the Auckland & Hamilton stations have been heard in South East Queensland. Hope that amateur analysis makes sense. 🙂

I am looking forward to downloading the clips when I can get reliable internet access. This is a truly well deserved achievement considering the time Jamie has invested & the attributes of sportsmanship that have consistently been adhered to.

Read the details at Jamie’s blog. Photo of Palmerston North by Amber Pierce.

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