It’s the end of the world

This satirical article originally appeared on the now-defunct dbrmuz blog.

House sitting, while savouring some complimentary Corona and Coopers Red stubbies, I revisited the REM DVD Perfect Square last night. I had to use headphones but that didn’t matter! It was an outdoor concert recorded in Germany in 2003. When the band formally announced their break up in late 2011, after releasing a fine record earlier in the year, I wasn’t too happy let me tell you!

I’ve seen REM live twice. I’ve seen Phil Collins as well, courtesy of an acquaintance who suddenly moved to Melbourne so I got a free ticket. There is some commonality, the extraordinary work both these artists do for humanitarian causes is often neglected and the stage presence of both Michael & Phil is simply extraordinary. You could honestly go in blind, as a hater and be ‘converted’ after these sort of performances.
Anyway, enough talk. Here’s REM in all their glory from Germany with one of the finest performances from the abridged version of the concert (designed for television broadcasts). I’ll miss you guys dearly!

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