Old DX Logs – 9/11/2011

This article originally appeared on the now-defunct dbrmuz blog.

Tuesday morning,November 9th,having some time on my hands,I stopped at two different lookouts in Katoomba,just to see what was happening (if anything),and to compare a few shared frequencies.Pictured below is my adaptation of Google maps Katoomba,showing my two locations:

Location 1 is Eagle Hawk Lookout,which has a lot of shelter from the west (it’s a lot lower than pretty much all of Cliff Drive west of it).
Location 2 is just south of Cahills Lookout,which is higher,and has a hell of a lot better line west.

Whilst I did full band scans at both,I’m not going to bother posting the lot (too dull).Instead,I’m mainly comparing differences,or mentioning stuff that was a first for me.I’d never even heard of 2BACR before!

Equipment:Blaupunkt Casablanca CD51,Sharx mode ON.

Location 1:

92.7 Bay & Basin
95.1 spill from Power Nowra
95.5 ABC Local Manning River (great piece on Lismore garbage collection!) w/spill from 95.7 Classic Illawarra
95.9 ABC Local Port Stephens
97.1 Radio National Manning River
97.5 2HD Port Stephens
98.3 Radio National Port Stephens
99.3 2NSB Chatswood
100.1 community radio that I never positively ID’d (guessing Hornsby)
100.9 2BACR,displaying the following RDS:DEMO VERSION RADIO DATA SYSTEM CODER ——-
101.5 JJJ Canberra
102.1 JJJ Newcastle
103.5 trace of Orange community
104.3 Radio National Central Tablelands
104.5 STAR Gosford,weak,w/
104.5 Triple U underneath
105.3 Country Wollongong
105.9 Star Orange
106.3 traces of NewsRadio Central Western Slopes
106.7 Race Orange
106.9 VOX Wollongong

Location 2:

91.5 NewsRadio Southwest Slopes
93.1 Real FM Mudgee
95.5 ABC still,but weak
95.9 JJJ Bathurst
97.5 Classic Bathurst
98.3 NewsRadio Bathurst
99.3 B-Rock Bathurst
100.1 Bathurst Community
100.5 conflicting RPH’s
100.9 Race radio Bathurst
102.3 Classic Canberra
103.5 Orange,booming in
103.9 NewsRadio Canberra
104.7 Canberra


  • A lot of the Wollongong/south stuff was clear at both,hence why I only mention it once.
  • Gosford was booming in at the second spot,after a very weak showing at the first.
  • Bathurst completely obliterated everything at locale #2,even more so than I expected.
  • Orange was obviously a lot stronger at the second spot too.

*Special Note:106.3 at locale 2 was silence.Or,if you prefer,Lithgow’s SBS,which had been pumping out full stereo nothing for almost four weeks at the time-so about three months now! Brilliant.

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