Eagle Hawk Lookout

This article originally appeared on the now-defunct dbrmuz blog.

As noted in this Old DX Logs post.

Fantastic little spot,way too small to accommodate just how popular it is.And with it’s proximity to Katoomba’s Scenic World,no wonder.Though I frequent regularly for the radio catches,as opposed to the view.Quite a nice little drop…

…and fairly close to the road too.

Looking across to the Three Sisters,I’m more interested in the transmission towers pictured centre,at Wentworth FallsBodington Hill.

Clicking the above Bodington map link will fail to reveal any towers at all-as expected in this time of fear (thank you “Weapons” of Mass Deception),but right-clicking my pic and opening it up at full size will (just-I forgot my camera and was using the phone,in failing light).

Aside from whatever else transmits from Bodington,Sydney music station The Edge 96.1 emanates from there,if anyone cares.

Interestingly,the RDS from The Edge never makes it into Lithgow,despite the fact that a) I get The Edge at 2 bars on the Sony;and b) most Sydney stations will display RDS at only 1 bar 

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