On the outside looking in

This satirical article originally appeared on the now-defunct dbrmuz blog.

The maniac joins you good folks from the bowels of a holiday apartment on the French riviera. The blog owner & myself have long been fans of the Californian band Oingo Boingo. Okay, I would happily cite this band as the best Californian band since the 1980s but here’s the thing, California was also home to Metallica… you can see my dilemma. Perhaps you can’t… there is no accounting for taste (or lack thereof).

The staff at the dbrmuz blog discovered Oingo Boingo with their breakthrough album Dead Man’s Party in 1987 or 1988. It was probably ’88, but, I do not recall, life is too short to dwell on such matters. The album tore through commercial stations yielding hits Stay & Weird Science. The latter was also the name of a rather entertaining movie, you could do worse to revisit it, considering the gorgeous British model who was cast.

Here is an absolute gem from the band, which I believe sums up how the (misguided) public may perceive the purveyor of the niche hobby of distant FM reception. It’s a gorgeous track. After decades I never tire of hearing it on my jukebox. Purists should note that yes, this was released long before Oingo Boingo made in big on commerical radio in the Southern Hemisphere. Listen to the lyrics, Danny & the crew speak to the people who don’t quite fit the popular mould. Have a wonderful Christmas readers! Oh, no, I’ve spilled my Brown Brothers Crouchen Riesling. 

For those who enjoy ridiculing others (well, who doesn’t?) over the festive season, I submit this brutally honest anecdote. 🙂

After these entries, I was forced into an extended multi-coloured yawn into the toilet bowel. I then carefully walked into the basin in the bathroom as another ‘session’ took hold of me. Either I’m suddenly allergic to white wine or the Domino’s pizza was bad. Probably the latter.

‘How embarassment!’… It truly was a moment worthy of a Peep Show Christmas special. For those devoid of a sense of humour, this sitcom is one of Ricky Gervais’ favourite shows, I’ve been a hard-core fan since its commencement on ABC2.

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Update: After almost partaking in another technicolour yawn again while attempting to climb a popular mountain merely 287 metres high (on a well-graded track!) I have found out what the problem is. Elemental Zinc cannot be taken at recommended doses without taking a complete break from the supplement periodically. It’s one thing to be vomiting in a temperature-controlled apartment, quite another to be forced to (almost) do so on a hill top. Zinc is a highly effective supplement, but just be aware of potential side effects.

2 Responses to On the outside looking in

  1. dbrmuz says:

    Ah,Oingo Boing-the second greatest group in history (after Genesis).From the early '70s Mystic Knights Of The Oingo Boingo,to the end where Danny Elfman couldn't decide between being Oingo or just Boingo (and stupidly tried to do away with the brass section.Oingo Boingo without the brass is like yeast-free beer),they were consistently left-field.
    And fucking brilliant.

  2. I think it's fair to say that Dark at the End of the Tunnel & Boingo (final release) were very different from the ska-infused eighties releases. But these albums showed the incredible depth of the band. And I'm yet to meet someone who doesn't love Boingo covering 'I am the Walrus'.

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