Is this proof Noel *was* Oasis? An amazing debut album. While the latest Jezabels disappoints.

This article originally appeared on the now-defunct dbrmuz blog.

The fruitcake has taken three electronic albums with him to the brisk French seaside. The first two, Genesis’ We Can’t Dance (a chart-topping 1990s album, selected to elicit a taste of nostalgia) & the Jezabels’ Prisoner are not bad at all, but the competition is fierce.

Byron Bay brunette Hayley Mary of the Jezabels.

As textured as the Jezabels record is, the composition by Noel & his flying circus is quite simply extraordinary. If you ever thought Oasis albums were a mixed bag, check this out. The Flying Birds’ record does not contain a single bad track, honestly.

In late October, Noel appeared on the Johnathan Ross Show which airs on ABC1. Sans drugs, he is a better man. In this interview, Noel retains that cheeky Manchester arrogance Oasis were notorious for, despite the fact he now has a young family to distract him from getting too crazy.


The Flying Birds record as assessed by the critics…
The Guardian review – three stars
Rolling Stone review – three & a half stars
Crikey review
This ‘lunar tick’ has recently commented upon the artistic influences that can be heard in the musical works of the Jezabels. Interested readers can view my amateur opinion on the acclaimed Keep It Civil blog. Perhaps the Sydney-based group peaked with the last record? It will take some repeated listening sessions, but, nothing on the latest record, yet, seems to come close to the group’s exquisite track from last year, Mace Spray. I have flogged this single to death in my car. It can be found on the Hottest 100 compilation.

2 Responses to Is this proof Noel *was* Oasis? An amazing debut album. While the latest Jezabels disappoints.

  1. dbrmuz says:

    How bizarre is this? I never thought there'd be a positive post about Oasis on this blog!
    For the record,I have never thought Oasis albums were a mixed bag.I've always felt they were manure through-and-through.

  2. A high proportion of my mates vastly prefer Oasis to Genesis! You have to be in an accommodating mood to appreciate both acts. I'm thinking, as a gutless, shit-stirring retaliatory move, that my next post will be' the worst Genesis songs of all time: Phil Collins era'. Hoping you can beat me to it. 😉 Have a great festive season, dbrmuz!

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